Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair

"I will not lose you to them. If it may come to blows...then I shall rain death upon them for your wounds."


Level 4 -
Strength: 13
Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 16
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 6
HP: 29
AC: 13
Attack Bonus Strength: 4
Attack Bonus Dexterity: 7

Race: Narrer (Wood Elf)
Class: Ranger
Hair: Black, Long
Eyes: Green
Age: 20
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 115lb.

Equipment -
Vyraelys (Masterwork Ielrerian Broadsword)
Deerskin Dress
Leather Armor
Boots of Elvenkind
Cloak of Elvenkind


Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair (“The Light of Step”) was a Narrer (Wood Elf) who lived within the Great Forest of Northern Ahrea since her birth in AC1241 in the Narrerian village of Iaedas. She was named after the Goddess of Life by her parents Iaeven and Hia’Nea, who had seen constants visions of the Goddess in their trances.

In her youth Fiva was quick to pick up various hunting skills as her father took her into the wilderness frequently, Iaeven hoping that his daughter would become competent to survive on her own as an adult.

Her childhood was cut short, however, as during the year AC1250 the village of Iaedas was sacked by a raiding party consisting of humans and the Vanrer (Dark Elves). Hia’Nea was killed in the initial attack, a event that Fiva witnessed with her own eyes. As the attack continued Iaeven hid his daughter and gifted her his broadsword Vyraelys, and before she was able to say goodbye returned to the village in order to protect her from being captured from the raiding party. In the aftermath of the attack Fiva found his body amongst those who had died, and with a heavy heart buried her own mother and father. In this she found that she was alone as she had come to find that the rest of her village were either killed or captured, and with no one to return to Fiva took to the forest around her on her own.

The next ten years of Fiva’s life were spent in solitude, the wood elf having felt like she would have died of heartbreak from her loss (such as is with most elves in such a situation), however for some reason was kept alive. Occasionally Fiva could hear some sort of voice encouraging her to stay alive, but unsure of what to make of it brushed it off as some sort of effect of her trancing. Eventually, Fiva managed to build her own home within the northern border of the Great Forest, and settled in for what she figured would be the rest of her life. The elf longed for company but found that most of the humans that traveled through the area were very hostile,

The past few months of AC1261 had proven rather difficult on Fiva, as the winter of that year nearly threatened to have killed her and her friend Aras while they resided in the Great Forest. After the Dakans began to openly march the forest after the snowmelt, they had nearly killed the two again as they attempted to flee to the safety of Northern Ahrea.

However, fate showed the wood elf something she was never used to – After Aras and her were rescued by a war party of Ia’Nellsa, the two were escorted there in order to recover from their wounds. The city of Ia’Nellsa was beyond anything the wood elf had ever seen before, and in the days after her arrival she was quickly introduced into the community while Aras was bedridden. Lord Enor in particular took a liking to Fiva, having given her lavish gifts and treatment in hopes of convincing a new cultural icon such as her to stay – She was the one to have slain Korvath the Howling Wind, a threat to the safety of all elvenkind in Northern Ahrea, and her kin in Ia’Nellsa had elevated her to the status of a hero for having done so.

However, despite the joy she felt to have found a community that had taken her in with open arms, Fiva found that she was unable to truly integrate into the society of Ia’Nellsa. The wood elf knew that she needed but one companion, and began to feel as if the elves of the nobility of Ia’Nellsa understood this and were attempting to distance her away from Aras, who they seemed to have seen as a threat to her safety. Indeed, it seemed to her that Lord Enor himself seemed to have a romantic interest in her, and her assumption seemed to have been correct as the high elven Lord began to request more and more time alone with her. Once she had learned that Enor had informed Aras of the situation of the his hometown of Rothsal and had convinced the Monster Hunter to embark on what essentially meant a suicide mission in order to return there, Fiva knew that she was unable to remain in a community that did not respect the feelings she held for her closest friend.

Despite Lord Enor having offered her a permanent home in Ia’Nellsa and the opportunity to become a member of the nobility, Fiva decided to accompany Aras on his quest to return to Rothsal against the wishes of the Lord. It was a moment that invigorated Aras, however, who felt as if he had lost the love of his life to the elves of Ia’Nellsa and had fully prepared himself for the possibility that he would die on the journey to return home without seeing her again.


Fiva low res
Fiva resting within the Ervel Wood of Southern Ahrea during Ahrea Campaign 4. Credit to Saph-Y.

Fiva Ni Oele Os Mair

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