Session 4

Aras reaches Norgstad, and buys a room to rest in.

Within a day he’s figured out where the brothel of Norgstad is; and finds out how terrible the slave situation is in the town. Seeing that the local sheriff wants nothing to do with the situation; Aras decides he will deal with it himself, somehow.

Luckily, he comes across Cha’Nali by chance in the head slaver Gorsad’s possession and bargins for her life. Aras buys Cha’Nali from the slavers for 170 GP (82 GP remaining); and sets plans to free the rest as he comes across a far more horrible situation then he could possibly imagine. He gives the dark elf his crossbow for the moment and his dagger while he gets ready for what his plan is; and they wait out until the night…when Gorsad leaves his Brothel; he’s a dead man.

Encounter 26 – The Slaying Of Gorsad
Aras gets the surprise round, and no one notices him waiting behind a nearby building as Gorsad and his entourage leave the Brothel. As he falls behind his men; Aras makes his move and stabs Gorsad in the back; natural critical for 15 damage. As Gorsad falls down to his knees from the blow; it would be a good time for Aras to say something dramatic…
A man notices his leader has gone down; but Aras swings his sword at him, and deals 14 damage to him; killing the man before he has time to draw his sword.
Cha’Nali shoots at the man closest to her to draw their attention away from Aras; and hits for 10 damage; hitting the man in the chest and killing him.
As the confusion grows even more apparent Cha’Nali reloads and fires again; hitting for 7 damage as the man falls down with an bolt in his neck.
The men realize that Aras is among them, and attack. He quickly becomes surrounded, and tries fending himself. He dodges the swords and daggers of four men, but one man slashes him across the side for 2 damage with a short sword (41 HP remaining)
Three remaining men try to find the source of the sniper; and do not find Cha’Nali as she’s hidden in the shadows of the top of a one story building she climbed up to.
Aras makes his counter attack, hitting 3 men as he attempts to break free of them. He deal 10, 10, and 8 damage to them; killing them.
Cha’Nali takes aim yet again, and hits one more of the men below her for 10 damage; killing him as it hits him in the back of the neck.
In the middle of the swordfight Aras is in, he is hit by a longsword across the side and takes 1 damage as it scrapes him (40 HP Remaining).
In the confusion, the two men look up to see their attacker above; and spot out Cha’Nali. One fires at her, and the bolt goes wide of her as she watches on without fear. The men are terrified of the dark elf staring at them.
Aras moves around 5 feet or so in an effort to dodge and outmanuver his attackers, and attacks himself. He misses both of them.
Cha’Nali reloads and fires at the man who fired at her; hitting him for 8 damage. He falls as the bolt hits him.
The man that was looking for her makes a moral check; and panicks; yelling for the sherriff as he runs away in terror.
One man misses hitting Aras, the one that had hit him before hits him again for 6 damage with his longsword. (34 HP remaining.)
Cha’Nali assists Aras; jumping to another rooftop nearby him and shoots one of the men attacking him in the back; dealing 7 damage to the man, and he dies from the bolt to the back.
The man panicks; but continues fighting Aras; and misses due to his hesitation.
Aras misses as well; the man dodging out of the way and pushing Aras away.
The man makes a move to slash at Aras while he’s distracted; but Cha’Nali drops down and stabs the man in the back; dealing 5 damage. The man dies from his wound; which Aras is thankful for.
In the meantime, the two come across the man who had ran earlier along with the sheriff.
Cha’Nali slashes Aras’s dagger at the man and kills him for 6 damage.
The sheriff asks Aras what he is doing…
Aras moves to stab the sheriff. He hits for 12 damage.
“What is this…Ugh!” (Stabbed by Aras).
“You were given the duty to protect these people from harm…you failed them…”
(Sheriff’s Eyes widen)
“I won’t.”
(Aras drives Kinsir in deeper)
“…this is what is needs to be done.”
Party Wins!
Gain 975 XP
Total XP – 13565

With the immediate witnesses dead; Aras quickly pats down Gorsad and recovers 28 GP, along with the keys to the Brothel. Aras unlocks the building and goes about freeing the elves and retrieving their gear; as Cha’Nali and the other free elves prepares a wagon for them. As the elves help him out; Aras sets the brothel and other major slaver’s establishments ablaze; and they ride out of Norgstad. Aras also found a +1 Magic Dagger in Gorsad’s belongings; and gives it to Cha’Nali.

Quest XP Gained – 1000
Total XP – 14565

Session 4

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