Session 8

After a month or so of bedresting and relaxing after their last encounter; it begins to rain heavily. Fiva dances in it; which Aras is fine with watching; and in the meantime he sews up an old sundress she had, which makes her quite happy. As a reward of sorts; she shows him a little quiet pond the two can relax in, and they do so; Fiva falling asleep under his arm. In the morning he realizes they slept in the pond; and the two head back to their home; but come under attack by a great bear.
Quest XP – 300

Encounter 32 -
Getting a surprise round, the bear attempts to knock Fiva to the ground; and does so; dealing 5 damage to her (24 HP remaining)
Horrified that Fiva is about to be killed, Aras charges in as it attempts to bring it’s paws upon her; and hits for 9 damage; stabbing it in the chest (23 HP remaining).
Fiva backs away from her prediciment; and draws her sword. She swings, but misses.
The bear attacks Aras next; hitting him for 7 damage, knocking him aside. (36 HP remaining). It moves over to him; frustrated.
Aras is stunned by the bear.
Fiva jumps towards the beast in an attempt to slash at it; missing. Frustrated herself; she throws Vyraelys down and draws her bow.
The bear attempts to maul Aras; and Aras dodges out of the way.
Fearing for his life; he strikes with Kinsir while the bear is open; hitting for 13 damage (10 HP remaining). The bear is overly frustrated; and prepares to maul Aras again.
Not wanting that to happen; Fiva fires an arrow at the beast; sinking an arrow into it’s back which only enrages the beast.
It charges her instead; and hits her for 7 damage; knocking her to the ground. (17 HP remaining). It stands over her.
Aras runs up and slashes at the beast; jumping onto it’s back and dealing 10 damage to it; and as the bear is impaled by Kinsir in the spine the beast falls dead before Fiva.
Party Wins!
Gain 500 XP.

After rescuing Fiva from the bear; the two retreat home with the bear’s body in order to rest up and heal; which brings them ever closer to winter…

Which sets in horribly. It’s the worst winter in the recent history of Northern Ahrea; and the two are caught up in it. They make by; but begin running out of food before the end of the winter. Weakened; but knowing Fiva will die without food; Aras goes out and manages to kill a deer with his crossbow; but loses it in the blizzard. Fiva goes out and retrieves him in her near death state; and seeing that he’s frostbitten cuddles with him in order to make sure he survives the night. In the morning he heads back out to find the deer. He does; and end up having enough food to survive the rest of the winter.
Quest XP – 300

Session 8

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