Session 9

The written chapters catch up at this point; Fiva encounters the trader brothers that give their wherabouts to Norman. Norman arrives with fifteen men; but in a fierce fight Aras and Fiva win out; even if Aras is a bit wounded. Regardless, their home was destroyed, and the two set out to find new shelter.

While running from their destroyed home and carrying their spoils upon the horses they found; they are ambushed by a warband of dakans, numbering at least in the 50s if not more. The horses take off; and the two are left to be surrounded by the enemy. Aras tells Fiva to leave; but she doesn’t heed him.

Encounter 34 -
Aras and Fiva are completely surrounded; and the dakans advance on them.
Three take on Aras; the fighter being able to ward off 2 of them by parrying; but a dakan slashes him with it’s shortsword for 1 damage (32 HP remaining), leaving him shaken. He’s not doing so well after the battle with Norman.
Fiva comes under attack; dodging 2 of them but taking a dagger wound to the side (natural critical, 4 damage, 25 HP left). She lets out a yelp of pain while she’s hit.
Aras, hearing her yell; becomes enraged, and enters into a beserker rage upon seeing her being wounded. He disregards his own enemies to jump in and attack the ones harming her; taking the one out that had hit her for 15 damage; and another for 15 damage as well. Fiva’s surprised by his outburst; but realize he’s fighting for her, and feels saddened by the fact.
Dakan 12 attempts to run up; but can’t quite make it in time.
Fiva attempts to help out her friend; shooting the one dakan still facing her for 11 damage; killing it as it gets hit in the forehead at point blank. She turns to her side to see dakan 12; and hits for 13 damage; wiping it as it gets hit in the chest while it runs to her.
The captain of the dakans natural criticals on Aras; dealing 8 damage as it impales Aras in the back with it’s longsword (24 HP remaining). Fiva lets out a “No!” yell as she watches her best friend get wounded so badly; but Aras lets out his own yell…the “oh shit, you should run” type of yell; surprising the dakan captain.
The other dakans stand their ground, waiting to see what happens.
One more dakan hits Aras for 6 damage with it’s shortsword (18 HP remaining), but Aras turns around to face them…
He starts by slamming Kinsir down on the captain’s head; dealing 11 damage to it and killing it. He swings to heis left towards dakan 15; and hits it on the side for 11 damage as well; knocking it to the side as it dies.
Aras spends 1 action point in order to continue his advance; charging up to dakans 3 and 5; who are now really wishing they hadn’t attacked.
Aras swings at both of them; and hits them both; dealing 14 damage to 3 and 13 damage to 5; killing them near instantly as they barely have time to draw their weapons on him. Aras himself looks badly wounded; but doesn’t seem to notice this fact.
Dakan 11 lunges at Fiva with an axe, but she dodges.
Dakans 1 and 14 attempt to attack Aras; one hitting him with it’s shortsword for 2 damage (22 HP remaining), the other stabbing getting him on the back of the arm for 6 damage with it’s longsword (16 HP remaining).
After dodging her attacker; Fiva fires as it passes behind her and hits for 12 damage; hitting it in the back of the spine and killing it. Following through with her momentum she fires at 14, which has just finished lacerating the bakc of Aras’s right arm. She hits for 11 damage; hitting it in the side of the head and killing it.
The remaining dakans all charge; content seeing Aras is badly wounded and that they have reinforcements right behind them. 2, 4, and 13 charge Aras; and 13 hits him in the back with a club for 2 damage (14 HP remaining); 4 making him drop Kinsir after hitting him in his bad arm with a shortsword for 3 damage (11 HP remaining); and 2 natural criticalling on him for 8 damage as it stabs him with it’s longsword. Aras falls onto his left side; being horribly wounded and near death.
Dakans 9 and 7 attack Fiva. 7 misses with it’s longsword; but 9 hits her with it’s longsword for 8 damage, striking her on the left leg (17 HP left). She lets out a horrid yell with the pain; but sees Aras is in far worse shape and is enraged herself.
Aras, not one to give up the ghost so easily; forces himself back up and grabs Kinsir. He stares down 2 and thrusts the sword at it; hitting for 17 damage; killing the beast as he stabs it in the chest. He looks to 4; and swings at it wildly; hitting for 11 damage and wiping it out. He falls back to his knee afterwards; unable to keep up the momentum.
Dakan 1 attempts to strike at Aras from his left side; but he barely parries it as he stares it down.
Fiva looks to 7 and fires her bow; hitting for 15 damage; and killing it as it approaches her. She looks to 1 behind her and fires again; hitting for 8 damage and killing it as well while it locks swords with Aras. Seeing the reinforcements beginning to charge; Fiva knows they won’t win; and prepares to grab Aras and run next run.
Dakans 9 and 13 attempt to hit her as she prepares to flee; but both miss as she’s still far too nimble; despite her bad leg.
Aras is still near death (3 HP remaining); and looks as if he’s about to lose conciousness; still breathing heavily on his knee. He feels a warm arm wrap around his back; however, and finds that Fiva is pulling him up to make a run for it. He tries to assist her as best as he can; and she manages to pull the both of them up onto a nearby treebranch in order to run from the enemy. Seeing he’s too wounded to effectively run amongst the trees she begins carrying him; and avoids several arrows coming their way from their enemy. They manage to escape the warband, however.
Party Escapes!
Gain 215 XP.

The two manage to escape the warband; however as the two drop onto the road to take it away from the area; they immeadiately run into Korvath; the dakan Fiva had saved Aras from a year ago when they had first met.

Encounter 35 -
Aras is too wounded to continue on fighting; but as Korvath prepares to charge, Fiva draws Vyraelys and charges straight towards him despite Aras’s yelling for her to run away.
Fiva charges right towards Korvath and swings at him; hitting for 8 damage as she strikes the large dakan across his arm (16 HP remaining)
Korvath pushes the elf down onto the ground; dealing 4 damage to her as he slaps her across the face. (13 HP remaining). She lies on the ground, being stunned.
Dakans 4 and 2 run into to kill her while she’s on the ground; but she fends them off with Vyraelys.
The other four dakans charge Aras; blocking his way to help Fiva.
Still feeling the last few bits of his rage lasting; Aras tries to charge in and help her against her fight. He stumbles to 5 and swings; hitting for 15 damage as it is slashed across the neck. He attempts to hit 3 as well; but misses as the dakan overpowers him as it parries; forcing him to the ground.
Fiva attempts to strike away dakan 4 as she stands up; and hits for 11 damage; killing it as she brings it down across it’s shoulder.
Korvath attempts to bring his greataxe down upon Fiva; but she dodges the blow; allowing the dakan to plant the axe into the ground.
2 swings at her; and hits for 1 damage; slicing her across the right arm (12 HP remaining). She braces herself; looking ready to kill all of them.
The three dakans facing off against Aras continue to block him, and attack; one dealing 8 damage as it impales him in the chest for 8 damage (-5 HP remaining). Aras falls to the ground; and Fiva screams as she watches him fall…but he denies death; and starts crawling on the ground to help her.
The other dakans shift to assist their leader; who’s locked into fighting the elf girl.
6 notices Aras still alive; and watches on as he strikes at it. He misses; being parried by the much healthier dakan.
Fiva fights on with Korvath, but it parries her. In the meantime she swings towards 2; and hits for 11 damage; yelling loudly as she kills it.
Dakan 1 natural criticals her; stabbing her in the back for 6 damage with it’s shortsword. She falls to her knees too, but doesn’t look ready to stop fighting.
The dakan facing the dying Aras attempts to coup de grace him; but Aras (fighting on his side, no less) manages to parry the blow.
Aras pushes on; and strikes at the dakan as it recoils from the parry. He natural criticals (…wow.) and kills it for 17 damage; forcing himself upwards as he coup de grace it in his stead.
Korvath continues to try to attack Fiva; but he misses her as she turns around to face dakan 1.
Fiva strikes at dakan 1; and hits it for 10 damage; slashing it across the chest as it tries to swing it’s sword at her again.
She swings at Korvath; and hits him as well; striking at his stomach for 7 damage; wounding him badly (9 HP remaining).
Dakan 3 takes the advantage and tries to hit Fiva; but misses as she sidesteps the beast. She falls to her knee, however; feeling her wounds.
The dakan shifts to Aras, however; seeing him stumble on the way to her. It attacks him and hits Aras for 4 damage; bringing him very close to death (-9 HP) and he recoils as he gets slashed across the chest; but Aras holds on.
Aras strikes at the dakan; but is parried by the dakan. He forces Kinsir down upon it, however; and continues to try to kill it.
Seeing that Fiva is distracted upon seeing Aras struggle; Korvath attempts to swing at Fiva. She dodges under the greataxe.
Fiva returns her anger into Korvath, natural criticalling on him for 12 damage; throwing herself into the dakan’s chest as she stabs him in the chest. As the dakan falls over she falls with it; and while on his body and with him staring at her she coup de graces him; dealing 7 damage to him. Korvath dies as she lies on the dakans body; forcing herself to stand up to help Aras.
The dakan tries to force Aras off of it; and does so. While Aras is still on his knees; he watches as the dakan prepares to bring it’s sword down upon him, being too weakened to do anything about it.
Fiva charges the dakan; and knocks it aside; though it isn’t wounded.
It strikes at her instead; and misses as she parries.
Fiva finally hits the beast as they fight; and deals 5 damage to it; killing it. As last, the two are safe…if near death.

Session 9

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