Session 1

Campaign 2 begins with a nice little scene of Aras hitching a ride with some fellow Northmen and allied elves riding eastward into the battle of Vels; and during the ensuing battle Aras fights his way through to continue to Norgstad. Nearly six months has passed since the events of the last campaign; and Aras has joined along in the fight to save the eastern half of Ahrea during his search for his elven comrades. His service in the Army of the Sword’s Path has distracted him from his original goal, but he is now fully aware of the devastation that the Uprisings of Vas have caused. Aras is now a Sargent in command of a platoon in his unit, though it seems like he’s mentally exhausted.

Encounter 21 – The Battle of Vels
The wagon stops at the outskirts of Vels, with some several dozen men already running into the town to take it back from the dakans and their allies.
A wagon unloads it’s soldiers and Aras watches on while he smokes his pipe while he waits to get off; seeing 20 men unload and immeadiately engage 15 dakans waiting at the gates. 3 of these men die; while 5 dakans die within this combat. (17 humans, 10 dakans).
Off in the distance some 6 dakans are reinforcing their postion as they prepare to snipe at those men coming in.
Battle continues with two already engaged groups; and 4 men and 1 dakan die in this exchange (13 humans, 9 dakans)
Aras jumps off the wagon as he can and immediately runs straight into the thick of things “…I realize…there are people I must defend.”
He runs in to immeadiately help the men already engaged, and attacks. He misses his first target; hits his 2nd target and kills it with a side swipe; misses his next attack; and natural criticals a dakan running up behind him (13 humans, 7 dakans left of these groups)
His allies on the wagon join in; being a mix of various races. Five of them die (3 dark elves; and 2 humans) as they fight; and they take out 6 of the dakans (1 left, which flees)
Horrified by what has happened by his companions on the wagon, Aras braces himself and prepares to continue the march forward as the group they faced disbands.
A group of 10 wood elves reinforce Aras and his companions from behind; while the dakans see no replacements.
A rush of dakans towards Aras’s companions from the wagon as they advance. Five more of his allies from his wagon die (both dwarves, both of the narns, and 1 more human). Aras yells out in anger; but his two remaining companions stand their ground (1 human, 1 high elf). Before they die, they slaughter 8 dakans (10 remaining, group 1)
Another group of dakans rushes the humans that are allied with them. 3 more humans die for 2 dakans (10 humans, 12 dakans, gropup 2)
A group surrounds Aras, and attacks. 4 attack, 1 hits for 4 damage (39 HP remaining). Aras counterattacks; hitting two; killing his attacker and one rushing him. (11 dakans remaining, group 4)
The wood elves stand their ground behind, and pepper the oncoming dakans. 10 dakans die in group 2 (2 remaining, and bleed into 1 and 4. 2 disbanded)
The humans of the first group attack the dakans facing Aras; and 8 die for 3 dakan kills (2 left, 8 dakans in group 4)
Aras attacks group 4 as he wades into battle; hitting two and natural critical on another. (5 dakans in group 4)
The allies are reinforced by 15 humans, who are unloading at the wagons.
Aras’s wagon allies continue to fight, and both are killed as they wipe out 5 of group 1. Aras is upset watching this. (3 dakans, group 1).
A new group (7) of dakans arrives; 14 of them.
Group 1 attacks Aras’s human group 2. The two live, and kill 1 dakan (2 dakans, group 1)
Group 4 attacks Aras. 2 hit for 3 and 6 damage (30 HP remaining.)
Aras counterattacks; killing 4 of them, one with a crossbow hit and the others with his sword. (4 remaining)
The wood elf group 3 attacks in melee; losing two (8 left) to wipe out dakan group 1.
Human group 4 attacks dakan group 4, losing 5 (10 left) to wipe out dakan group 4.
Another dakan group (8) of 18 dakans arrive.
Seeing that his allies have lost the initiative to rush the town; Aras charges in to inspire hope. He engages group 7 singlehandly; killing three of them (11 left)
dakan group 7 counterattacks Aras; all missing as Aras stays out of the way.
Aras counterattacks Group 7, killing 3 more of them (8 left)
dakan group 8 prepares to pepper the streets behind Aras; and targets human group 4 as they prepare to advance the streets. 8 humans die. (2 left)
Ara’s allies prepare to advance. Human group 4 takes the first initiative; having lost numbers in the advance. They engage group 8, and are wiped out as they kill 6 dakans (12 left in group 8).
The wood elves counter with their own arrows; and target the archer dakans. 10 of them die (2 left in group 8).
Human group 2 advances to assist Aras, and both die after killing 4 dakans (4 left).
More reinforcements arrive. 11 high elves, 4 dwarves, and 18 dakans and three men for the enemy.
Aras continues his battle against group dakan 7; enraged, Aras kills 3 of them; and the last flees (group 7 disbanded)
As Aras runs up, group 8 attacks. Aras gets hit for 4 damage with an arrow (26 HP remaining).
Aras counterattacks; rushing the two head on. He kills 1; and the other flees (group 8 disbanded)
The four dwarves of group 6 attack dakan group 9. 3 of them die for 6 dakan losses (12 remaining, group 9)
dakan group 9 counterattacks the lone dwarf; and fails to kill him.
The ielrer of group 4 attack the three men aiding the dakans. Five die (6 left), but dakan group 10 is wiped out.
dakan group 11 joins the fray.
Allie group 7 joins, 15 more men.
The wood elves of group 3 catch up to Aras as he hides from arrowfire under a destroyed building. He decides to lead them into the heart of the city.
Human group 7 rushes towards the main objective; straight through enemy firelines.
dakan group 11 engages Human group 7; killing 2 of the humans for the loss of 3 dakans (13 humans, 5 koblds, 4 dakrahn left).
With the Ielrer in range; dakan group five aims and fires. 5 die in the onslaught of arrows (1 left).
The lone dwarf attacks group 9; surviving to kill 8 of the dakans (4 left).
Aras rushes to aid the men of group 7. He misses a dakrahn, kills 1 dakrahn, kills another dakrahn, and a dakan (4 dakans, 2 dakrahn left).
Group 11 counterattacks Aras. He is natural criticaled for 6 damage, and hit for 1 and 8 damage (17 HP remaining).
Group 9 counterattacks the dwarf. They finally take him down.
Aras notices this and is upset with the loss.
No new allies come for the allies.
The lone ielrer rushes in to save Aras from a blow. He survives counterattacks to kill the remaining dakans.)
Group 6 take aim at the ielrer. He dies in the crossfire; and Aras is mortified.
Reinforcements do not come for Aras and his allies.
The humans of group 7 attack the remaining members of dakan group 11. They kill both dakrahn at a cost of 7 men (6 men left).
The wood elves of group 3 attack group 9 dakans. 2 die, but kill off the group 9. (6 elves remaining).
No new dakan allies arrive.
Group 5 take aim at the humans, and kill 2 (4 men left).
Group 6 takes aim at the elves, and kill none.
Aras rushes after group 5; and attacks; killing four as he surprises them in the heat of battle and ambushes their building (7 left.)
The wood elves attack group 6 from afar; and kill 1 (5 left)
The humans of group 7 attack the dakan group 5. They all die; but take out 4 (3 left.)
No new reinforcements for Aras.
One of group 5 hits Aras for 1 damage with a dagger, sneaking up behind him (16 HP left.)
The remaining narner take aim again at group 6; and kill the five remaining.
In a last shot of desperation, the few survivors of group 6 shoot at the elves; and kill 5 ( 1 left).
The two other dakans in group 5 don’t know Aras is in the building, but one hits Aras for 1 damage with his dagger (15 left).
Aras fights them, killing two. One pins Aras down.
The remaining elf in group 3 of the elves attacks this dakan, and is greviously wounded by the dakan’s sword, but saves Aras. Despite his best efforts to help the elf, it dies on him.
Alone, Aras watches as the dakan defenses break; and they retreat from Vels.
Aras Won!
Gain 730 XP.
Total XP – 10850

After the battle Aras was in, reinforcements arrive to inform him that the City of Vels has been liberated from the enemy. In the aftermath Aras wanders around after bandaging his wounds; seeing the scores of dead on both sides being hastily buried. The “capital” city has been saved, but at a cost. While wandering around he finds some commoners who tell him where to find Norgstad; and with that information Aras decides it’s time to find Cha’Nali. He goes to the captain of his unit and tells him that he wishes to part ways with the mercenaries; and with the captain taunting him for being a useless cowardly sellsword Aras recieves a severance pay of 19 gold pieces. As he leaves, another sellsword confronts Aras and accuses him of being a traitor, and attacks.

Encounter 22 – The Accusing Sellsword
The sellsword holds his sword to Aras’s back, and begins to charge.
Aras realizes this, and turns around. He acts first, and slams the pommel of Kinsir into the man’s skull for 13 damage.
The sellsword reels back, but attempts to swing his sword at Aras, and misses.
Aras walks up towards the man and attempts to punch him, but the man goes backwards.
The man attempts to swing his sword again, but misses as Aras dodges.
Aras natural criticals and kicks the man onto his back for 11 damage. The man gives up the ghost after this.
Aras Won!
Gain 240 XP.
Total XP – 11090

With nothing holding him back, Aras begins to head east from Vels towards Norgstad – intent on saving Cha’Nali from Norman Vortice.

Session 1

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