Session 2

Aras goes on his way to Norgstad to the east; but on the way is intercepted by some of the enemy that is retreating from Vels. They ambush him from the hills as he walks the established highroad, and Aras is taken by complete surprise.

Encounter 23 – The Dakans Of The Noras High Road
An arrow flies towards Aras, and misses. Aras looks over to his left to see that a small party is running up to him.
dakans run up to clear the distance, while their dakrahn commander yells at them to kill the enemy scout (Who Aras assumes is himself).
Another arrow flies at Aras from the hill, but he dodges.
A dakan runs up and tries to swing an axe at Aras from behind, but he dodges out of the way.
Two more dakans join the fight and swing their sword and club at Aras; but he jumps out of the way of their attacks, trying to keep the ones charging him in front of him.
The commander and his guard stand back, allowing their allies to finish off the human.
Aras gets the chance to make his counterattack. He strikes down the first dakan on his left with little difficulty (dealing 10 damage), but the next dakan parries him. As another tries to come at him, Aras ends the parry to stab the dakan in the chest for 11 damage, killing the both of them.
Another dakan has trouble hitting Aras, and he blocks the dakan as it swings a greatsword at him.
Aras’s luck runs out, however; as a dakan archer recieves a natural critical in the form of an arrow in Aras’s back right shoulder for 6 damage. Aras lets out a yell of pain as this occurs. (37 HP Remaining)
However, another arrow flies by and misses him.
Aras is taken aback yet again, as a dakan stabs him in the back with a dagger for 4 damage; after having directed the fight so his back was no longer to the hill after the arrow hit. He’s not feeling so good. (33 HP Remaining)
The dakrahn commander yells out something in draconian, which Aras cannot understand; the draconian pointing to over the hill as it looks back.
Knowing he’s fighting a losing battle, Aras braces himself and breaks his parry with the dakan wielding the greatsword. He swings and hits the dakan that stabbed him in the back for 11 damage; and hits the greatsword dakan for 12 damage; and finally hits the last dakan facing him for 13 damage. The three dakans fall dead before him as he looks up to the hill with anger in his eyes.
The draconian yells at his archers to keep firing even though they’re afraid of the man; and one hits Aras with a glancing wound on his right arm for 4 damage. (29 HP remaining.)
The other archer fumbles, however; and his arrow falls short.
The draconian stands ready with his hammer in hand; and the dakan captain stands ready with a greataxe.
Aras charges the draconian, and lands a blow on it’s scalemail for 11 damage. The draconian laughs at him as Aras notices he did not harm the beast as much as he had wanted to (13 HP remaining)
The archers do not have a clear shot at Aras with their leader engaged with him; and so preform a morale check. They have lost hope and seeing that their leader is locked in combat; turn around and run away figuring that they will be next if their commander falls.
The draconian pushes the head of his hammer into Aras’s stomach, and knocks Aras for 6 damage (23 HP remaining.) Aras falls to the ground before the draconian as it gloats.
The dakan captain prepares to bring it’s greataxe down upon Aras, but misses as Aras dodges out of the way and rolls out of the blade’s path.
Aras quickly makes a slash with Kinsir at the dakan’s legs; missing but causing the dakan to jump out of the way in surprise. Aras stands back up and continues to attack, trying to bring his sword down over the draconian; and hits for 10 damage as he slashes vertically. The draconian is taken offguard and reels back with the hit.
The draconian does a weak swipe with the hammer, and hits Aras again for 6 damage (17 HP remaining.) Aras stands his ground, however.
The dakan does a quick hack with his axe; and slashes Aras on the arm for 2 damage. (15 HP remaining.) Aras doesn’t look very healthy; and is bleeding from the right forearm, the right bicep; his left lower back; and his right shoulderblade.
As the dakan charges in to make his finishing blow; however; Aras recovers long enough to feint into the dakan’s axe swing and stab the dakan in the chest for 10 damage; finishing off the dakan.
As the draconian approaches Aras turns around and attempts to hit the beast; but misses as the draconian parries with the head of his hammer.
The draconian tries to break the parry to swing at Aras; but misses as Aras jumps to the draconian’s right.
Aras slashes at the draconian’s neck from the left; and hits for 8 damage. The draconian falls to his knees; reaching at it’s slit neck; and falls to the ground.
Aras Won!
Gain 315 XP.
Total XP – 11405

With the party that had killed him dead; Aras charges up the mountain to kill the two that had run away from him. As he runs up, he is met by a wyvern that lands in front of him.

Encounter 24 – The Wyvern
The wyvern flies up to Aras; looking unamused with it’s prey.
Aras runs up and swings with Kinsir; realizing he’s dead if he does not act. He hits for 9 damage; hitting the beast in it’s soft neck. (16 HP remaining)
The beast reacts by attempting to knock it’s head into him, dealing 4 damage from the blow (11 HP remaining).
Aras dodges it’s probing attack and attempts to hit it; hitting for 15 damage across the bottom of it’s neck. (1 HP remaining)
It reacts by attempting to bite him, and bites him for 9 damage; grabbing him by the right arm. He lets out a loud yell as it does so. (2 HP remaining).
As it holds onto his arm; Aras does the only thing he can think of to do; and tries to drive Kinsir straight through the wyvern’s skull with his free left hand. He hits for 13 damage; and the wyvern lets out a loud screech as it dies; letting go of his arm.
Aras Wins!
Gain 735 XP.
Total XP – 12140

After the wyvern dies, Aras realizes that he’s come across a whole battalion of the dakans; and they give chase. Aras manages to hide in a nearby river under some rocks, and takes the time to heal with some items he had acquired as a sellsword. He drinks two potions for 5 HP and 7 HP (14 HP Remaining), and eats an herb for 4 HP (18 HP remaining), and bandages his wounds for 1 HP (19 HP remaining.)

What he doesn’t realize is that the water is infested with pikefish…

Encounter 25 – The Pikefish
Aras turns around to see that he’s attracted at least one pikefish swimming straight towards him.
The three quickest attack; Aras batting away one but one bites his leg for 5 damage and one natural criticals his already lame arm for 6 (8 HP remaining)
Aras reacts quickly, and starts swinging wildly at them in fear. He hits two of them for 10 and 15 damage; striking one in the head and slashing the other’s belly; killing both of them.
Another natural critical for one of the pikefish as it bites Aras’s wounded leg; and deals 6 damage to him (2 HP remaining). The others fail to bite him as he thrashes around.
He continues swingingly wildly as they attack; and hits the lot of them; dealing 12, 15, 12, and 11 damage against the lot of them as he stabs at them in a desperate attempt to stay alive. After a few tense moments of stabbing the water without paying attention, he realizes he’s killed the lot of them.
Aras Wins!
Gain 450 XP
XP Total – 12590

After dealing with the fish, Aras makes a campsite and cooks one of them and eats it for 8 HP (10 HP remaining). He garnishes it with the other two herbs he has for painkilling; and gains 8 HP (18 HP remaining. He rebandages his wounds for 1 HP, and rests for 1 HP (20 HP Remaining).

After a fitful night of rest, Aras continues to Norgstad – feeling an intense desire to save one of the few people remaining in his life from harm.

Session 2

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