Session 5

Aware of the fact that he is now very much a wanted man after the destruction of a good portion of Norgstad and the “murders” of many slavers, Aras makes a desperate attempt to get the elves he has rescued to safe haven in Ia’Nellsa.

Encounter 27 – The Bounty Hunter Gives Chase
The party of elves that Aras and Cha’Nali have rescued have taken to riding a wagon train to the homeland of Ia’Nellsa; which the two have hitched a ride on. Unfortunately…one morning they find that company has ambushed them; and while they try to get the wagons moving; Norman the bounty hunter begins his attack.

Aras and Cha’Nali are surprised.
Luckily the wagon starts moving; and starts causing their persuers to fall behind. Norman and his men continue riding on, however.
Cha’Nali takes the first shot; and fires her bow from the back of the wagon. She strikes one of the hunters (Hunter 7) in the chest for 8 damage; and the man falls from his horse as he dies.
Norman and several of his men catch up to the wagon; and appear as if they will be able to attack next round.
Aras takes his own shot with a crossbow; and the bolt flies straight at the ground in front of the oncoming horses.
The riders continue coming towards the wagon.
Cha’Nali shoots her bow at the rider that has gotten the closest to the wagon on her side; and from mere feet away hits him in the head for 8 damage; killing the man. She looks relieved.
The riders continue to close in; and one reaches the left side of the wagon where Aras is sitting.
The man takes his battleaxe and makes a wild swing at Aras; however the man misses and instead imbeds the axe into the side of the wagon; and he’s stuck inbetween losing his axe and falling off of his horse. He decides to attempt to retrieve the ax next round.
Seeing this; Aras reaches for Kinsir and makes a downslash at the man trapped by his axe; and hits; striking the man’s arm for 14 damage; severing it clean off as the man looks at his stump in horror and dies as he falls off of his horse and is trampled by his comrades. The axe remains embedded in the side of the wagon.
Hunter 1 catches up to the wagon; and attempts to swing his sword at Cha’Nali. He barely misses as she ducks under the blade.
Hunter 5 catches up to the wagon and attempts to jump onto it. He jumps and grabs onto it; but is hanging off the back of the wagon and didn’t quite make the full jump. He attempts to pull himself up and will do so next round.
Hunter 3 rides right up to Aras from the back of the wagon; and makes a slice at him. He misses; not having the momentum to keep pace with the wagon.
Hunter 4 catches up as well; and swings his sword wildly at Aras; missing as well.
Cha’Nali freaks out about the hunter hanging onto the back of the wagon, but keeps her composure and aims to hit Hunter 1. She misses as the wagonjumper attempts to grab onto her by the boot; and pulls her towards him.
Norman rides up to the side of the wagon by Aras; and swings at him. He hits; slicing Aras on the side of the arm for 5 damage. (38 HP remaining). The elves in the wagon are panicked as the hunters begin to overtake the wagon.
Hunter 8 takes advantage of the chaos overtaking the two defenders; and attempts to jump on himself. He fails; as Cha’Nali pushes him out of the way while she’s being dragged over the edge. The man falls to the ground and is trampled by his own horse for 15 damage; killing him.
Aras and Norman lock eyes; though Aras is far more concerned about Cha’Nali’s and the elves’ safety than he is fighting the bounty hunter. He sees Hunter 5 trying to drag Cha’Nali off of the wagon; and stands up to stab him straight through the chest; hitting for 8 damage; and kills the man. He falls to the ground as Aras holds onto Cha’Nali; and Aras attempts to swing at Hunter 3. He hits for 11 damage; killing the man as he attempts to jump the wagon as well. Aras makes one more swing at Hunter 4, but misses.
Hunter 1 attempts to board the wagon; and makes it; landing right behind Aras. He attempts to stab Aras; and misses due to the shaky wagon; though Aras is alerted to the man’s presence behind him.
Hunter 4 attempts to slice at Aras again; and hits for 1 damage as he causes a flesh wound to Aras’s right leg (37 HP remaining.)
While Aras is distracted by his wound; Norman takes the opportunity to jump onto the wagon as well; and tries to bring his sword down upon Aras. He misses; though Aras is intently watching him.
Cha’Nali watches on as riders catch up and onto the wagon; and tries to shoot one more as he approachs. She aims at hunter 6 and fires; hitting for 5 HP, which is enough to knock him off of his horse (though he hasn’t died.)
Norman swings again at Aras; and hits; hitting Aras in the side for 5 damage (32 HP remaining). Aras is showing signs of being wounded.
Seeing that it’s overwhelming; Aras attempts to push Hunter 5 off of the wagon. He fails to do so.
Hunter 4 watches on; and attempts to slice Aras. He hits; getting Aras across the back for 6 damage (26 HP remaining).
Hunter 1 attempts to attack Cha’Nali; and misses; though he tries to pin her on the back of the wagon. He suceeds; and her head is hanging over the side of the wagon.
Cha’Nali attempts to free herself; and fails.
Norman attempts to strike Aras again; and misses in the middle of all the chaos.
Seeing that Cha’Nali’s life is in danger; Aras attempts to throw the man holding her down over the wagon. He natural criticals; and tosses him over the side of the wagon; freeing Cha’Nali.
Norman makes an immeadiate interrupt; and attempts to stab Aras from behind. He hits; and stabs Aras through the stomach for 8 damage (18 HP remaining.) Aras appears greatly wounded now; with a sword sticking through him; and Cha’Nali yells out in fear.
Hunter 4 backs away; content to allow Norman to do the finishing work.
Cha’Nali attempts to push Norman away; and fails as Norman pushes her down.
Norman retrieves his blade from Aras’s stomach and attempts to bring it over Aras’s head. He natural fumbles as Aras parries; and his sword is embedded in the side panel of the wagon.
Badly wounded and unwilling to submit the elves to any more danger; Aras attempts to grab Norman and throw himself off the wagon; taking the bounty hunter with him. He suceeds with a natural critical; and grabs Norman as he falls off the wagon; taking the bounty hunter with him. Norman lands on the road on his back; though Aras isn’t as lucky and falls of the side of the road on the left into a ravine. He takes 16 damage from falling and sliding down 60 feet of mountainous terrain; though he lands on his back at the bottom still alive; and obscured by brush nearby.
This is lucky for him, as Norman attempts to stand back up and look for him on foot; looking down into the ravine and not seeing him. His fellow survivors join in on the search.
Cha’Nali attempts to save her friend; however; and jumps off of the wagon and attempts to ambush their attackers. She suprises them; and natural criticals Hunter 1 with her axe; dealing 8 damage to him. He falls to the ground with a wound on the back of his head; and as Norman turns around he sees her swing her axe at him. She misses; but jumps straight off into the ravine below them; and attempts to hide. She suceeds easily enough as she disappears into the woods; and though Norman and his remaining men search they cannot find her or Aras.
Party Wins! (…sorta; were abandoned by the wagon.)

Encounter 28 – Westbound from Norgstad
Norman’s party approaches from the east in the wood in order to surprise the two. Aras is completely taken by surprise, though Cha’Nali reacts quite quickly to the threat.
Cha’Nali attempts to shoot down one of their foes. She fires her bow and naturally fumbles, missing her target.
One of the bounty hunters rushes up and attempts to jump onto Cha’Nali and kill her; he forces her to the ground for 3 damage (27 HP remaining)
Aras is taken aback by the attack, and is unable to move.
Norman just yells at his men to charge.
Hunter 4 charges up to Aras and attempts to stab him from the back, missing as Aras turns around and dodges him.
Hunter 1 fires his own bow towards Aras, and misses.
Hunter 3 also fires his bow at their target, and misses.
Hunter 2 advances, but can’t quite make it.
Cha’Nali is being forced onto the ground while Aras yells out to her in horror; but she takes out her handaxe and attempts to chop her foe. She hits for 10 damage on Hunter 5, hitting him in the chest and causing him to fall off of her in pain.
Norman watches on as this occurs.
Aras, now faced with his own opponent, attempts to cut the man down before the man can parry. Aras attempts to strike and misses; the man barely getting his own sword in front of Kinsir.
Hunter 5 reacts poorly to his newfound bloodly wound, and is struggling on his knees.
Hunter 4 attempts to counterattack Aras; and misses, Aras barely keeping the man off of him.
Hunter 2 rushes Cha’Nali as she stands up; but she ducks underneath the blade as the man misses hitting her.
Hunter 1 fires an arrow towards Cha’Nali as she has her back to him, and misses.
Hunter 3 tries the same, and misses as well.
Cha’Nali takes to her new opponent, but misses him. As she notices Hunter 5 standing up, she uses the opportunity to scare her foes and swings wildly at the wounded man; hitting him across the neck for 8 damage; killing him. Hunter 2 looks pretty intimidated as she stared at him the whole time.
Norman continues to watch on, yelling at his men to keep fighting as he watches Hunter 5 die on him.
Aras continues to swordfight with Hunter 4, and attempts an overhead swing. He hits for 8 damage; nearly killing the man as Kinsir drives deep into the man’s shoulder.
Hunter 4 tries to swing at Aras wildly while Aras is stabbing him, and natural fumbles; dropping his sword while he reacts in pain to being stabbed in the shoulder.
Hunter 2 swallows his fear and continues to attempt to attack Cha’Nali; hitting her on the side of the arm for 6 damage (21 HP remaining). She drops her handaxe and yells in pain, catching Aras’s attention.
With his attention diverted; Hunters 3 and 1 attempt to shoot Aras with arrows; but miss yet again.
Cha’Nali, feeling pained by the blow she recieved, feints a more severe wound to coax her opponent towards her. As the man approaches she attempts to pull out her dagger and stab him, missing as the bounty hunter catches her by the arm.
Norman smiles, seeing the dark elf being taken prisoner.
Aras; completely devoted to seeing Cha’Nali live through the fight; abandons his current fight in order to help her. He charges around Hunter 2 in order to approach him from behind; and attempts to slam Kinsir down onto the man’s back. He hits for 15 damage; killing the man as he lets go of Cha’Nali’s arm. Cha’Nali smiles to Aras.
Hunter 4 attempts to move up, but trips on the way and watches on in fear as Hunter 2 dies.
Arrows are whistling past the two as fired by Hunters 3 and 1, but miss either Aras and Cha’Nali.
Sensing Hunter 4 behind her, Cha’Nali turns around while on the ground in order to attempt slicing him. She hits for 5 damage; hitting him in the throat and killing the man.
Horrified by the loss of three of his men, Norman yells at the two to yield as he begins to charge at them. He swings at Aras and misses; though as Cha’Nali attempts to stand up he swings at her and misses; feeling the dark elf wrapping her hand around his arm and seeing her lock eyes with him.
Hunters 1 and 3 rush up; and don’t quite make it.
Cha’Nali brings her dagger down upon Norman; smiling delightfully as she plunges it into his side, dealing 8 damage to him (20 HP remaining.)
Norman isn’t as happy, and attempts to push her off. He does so, and attempts to stab her, missing however. Aras yells out in an attempt to ward Norman away, however; and Norman replies stabbing Aras in the side for 9 damage (34 HP remaining).
Aras, completely enraged; attempts to hit Norman, and hits; getting him in the arm for 15 damage (5 HP remaining). Norman yells out in pain as he holds his arm.
Morale Check: Hunter 1, after seeing what has happened to Norman; decides it’s best to cut his losses and run.
Hunter 3 decides to continue on, and charges Cha’Nali; missing her as she regains her handaxe.
Cha’Nali, in fear of losing Aras, swings at Hunter 3. She natural criticals, dealing 10 damage to the bounty hunter as he takes the blunt of her axe to his forehead. The man crumples in a heap afterwards.
Norman stares at his newly fallen ally; and yells.
In an attempt to kill him, Cha’Nali brings the blunt of her handaxe against the back of Norman’s head; hitting for 5 damage. The blow knocks Norman out cold; though it doesn’t kill him.
Party wins!
Gain 1200XP.
After helping Aras up, the two find that Norman had a masterwork dagger on him, which Cha’Nali offers to Aras. He takes it; and also the two find 33 GP altogether from the bodies. After taking a couple extra blankets the men had on them, and another quiver of arrows for Cha’Nali, the two head off; leaving the unconcious Norman behind. They also find two bottles of cure light wound potions, which Aras has Cha’Nali drink (Regaining 7 HP, 28 HP remaining), and drinks one himself (regaining 4 HP, 38 HP remaining).

Session 5

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