Session 6

With the other freed elves now safely far beyond the reach of Norman and his slavers, Aras and Cha’Nali find themselves very much deep behind enemy lines – not only do they face the bounty hunters, but the overwhelming numbers of draconians running the roads as well. In an attempt to escape from Norman’s range, Aras leads Cha’Nali back towards the Ana’Len Mountain Range.

Encounter 29 – The Dakan War Party
The two come across a war party as they charge up a hill; and find themselves in battle.
Yelling at Cha’Nali to run away, Aras charges the band of dakans, rushing up to the head captain. He strikes, and hits for 9 damage; killing the captain as he yells to his allies to attack.
Dakan 2 and 4 charge Aras; both swinging their sword and mace. The maceman criticals on Aras, dealing 8 damage as Aras falls to the ground very disoriented. (30 HP remaining.) As Aras lies on the ground, the sword dakan misses as it attempts to coup de grace him, rolling out of the way.
Seeing Aras is dealt with, three dakan charge towards Cha’Nali.
Cha’Nali fires her bow at one of those charging her; naturally fumbling on dakan 5. She fires again at dakan 6, and hits; dealing 13 damage to the dakan; flipping it in air as it’s hit by the arrow in the forehead. Cha’Nali prepares to run herself; seeing Aras is in dire need of help.
As dakan 3 and 9 charge Cha’Nali, dakan 8 assists the two attacking Aras. He swings down with his club while Aras is attempting to get back up; missing as Aras hops out of the way.
Aras; feeling dizzy from being hit across the side of the face; looks down his enemies. He prepares to cleave; hitting dakan 2 for 12 damage; wiping him out; missing on dakan 4 as it dodges; and misses dakan 8 as he swings around.
Dakan 8 follows up, taking Aras out with a hit with it’s club; dealing 5 damage to him as he falls to the ground again (25 HP remaining).
Dakan 4 attempts to stab him again, missing as the fighter falls.
The dakans charging Cha’Nali reach her; the one wielding a longsword swiping her for 3 damage on the leg (25 HP remaining), and the other misses.
Dropping her bow, Cha’Nali wields her handaxe, and attempts to strike. She brings it across dakan 5 and misses as it jumps out of the way; and tries for 7 and natural fumbles on 7.
Dakans 3 and 9 join in on the fray with Cha’Nali; both missing as she tries to stay agile.
Aras, seeing Cha’Nali in trouble, tries to finish his fight up. He gets back up and swings at 4 on his way up; hitting upwards for 15 damage; killing the dakan. He makes a sideways swing at 8; and hits for 8 damage; catching it across the chest as it attempts to swing it’s club at him; killing it as well. He prepares to run in to save Cha’Nali.
Dakans 5 and 7 attempt to kill the dark elf; both missing.
Cha’Nali strikes towards 5, and misses. She swings back at 7; and misses as well.
Dakans 3 and 9 attack, one naturally criticaling her in the back with a dagger for 4 damage; catching her in place; and allows 3 to slam her in the face with the pommel of it’s shortsword; dealing 4 damage (17 HP remaining). As she falls to the ground with the hits; the Dakan that had stabbed her holds her down, preparing to finish her.
Aras, seeing this, quickly draws his crossbow and takes aim at 9. He hits for 11 damage; catching the dakan in the torso and killing it. As the others look to him; he prepares to fire again; and takes aim at 3; however he misses as it dodges. He prepares to run to her, dropping the crossbow on the way.
Dakans 5 and 7 attack; both stomping on Cha’Nali to wound her for 7 damage (10 HP remaining.) She’s badly hurt, and yelling for help.
3 looks back, and charges Aras, missing as it swings it’s shortsword at him.
Aras starts running; and slices this dakan in half while yelling towards it; dealing 12 damage to it. As the end of his run he cleaves as they prepare to cleave the poor maiden; and hits both of them as they look back; and he deals 11 and 13 damage to them; killing them.
Helping Cha’Nali up; the two think they have won…until Cha’Nali yells about the wyvern behind them. They watch on as the dakan leading it on a chain is grabbed by the beast; and torn apart horribly. and as it approaches.
Knowing Cha’Nali is horribly wounded; Aras prepares to charge the beast. He misses, the wyvern roaring at him.
It strikes towards Aras; hitting him for 6 damage with it’s claws; and knocks him to the ground. (19 HP remaining.). It moves up to Cha’Nali, who watches on in horror as it takes out Aras.
Cha’Nali fires her bow towards it’s face; and hits for 9 damage; catching it on the forehead. It roars in pain. (21 HP for the wyvern)
Seeing Cha’Nali in danger; Aras gets back up and jumps for the wyvern’s back; and misses as it swings it’s tail at him; hitting him for another 8 damage (11 HP remaining.) He falls to the ground behind it.
It attacks Cha’Nali; hitting her for 9 damage as she falls to the ground (1 HP remaining). She looks up as it prepares to it her.
She fires her bow in desperation; but drops it at her side as it claws at her.
Enraged; Aras jumps onto the wyvern’s back; hitting it for 14 damage (7 HP left).
The wyvern goes about trying to get Aras off; and is unable to; and roars in anger.
Cha’Nali watches on as Aras attempts to kill it; surprised by her ally.
Aras brings down Kinsir on the wyvern’s head; hitting for 15 damage. The beast lets out one last roar as it falls to the ground; dying.
Party Wins!
Gain 890 XP.

Despite defeating the wyvern; reinforcements are on the way; so Aras and Cha’Nali escape to avoid being captured. After hiding and resting for a few days, the two make it to Vels. They purchase an inn for the night; but come under attack by Norman’s allies.

Encounter 30 -
Realizing someone is outside his door; Aras holds his initiative until the attacker prepares to enter the room; quickly pulling out his dagger.
Hunter 1 enters the room, expecting his prey to be asleep. He holds a longsword over Aras’s chest; but Aras interuppts him.
Aras quickly strikes toward’s the man’s heart; striking him for 8 damage. The man lets out a loud yell as he dies from the wound. Quickly grabbing his gear; Aras prepares to enter the hallway.
Cha’Nali hears the commotion from the other room; and goes about putting on her gear as well.
Hunters 3, 4, and 6 get into position; 6 waiting outside of Aras’s room for him to exit.
Aras bursts out of his room unexpectedly; and quickly thrusts Kinsir at the longsword wielding man outside. He hits for 11 damage; killing the man as he brings the sword down on the man’s neck.
Cha’Nali turns the corner to reach Aras in the hallway. The two comment on the fact they’re being ambushed.
Hunter 3 turns the corner from behind Aras in order to attack him; and slashes him on the arm for 2 damage while he’s surprised (41 HP left)
Seeing Aras being taken care of; Hunter 4 attempts to swing at Cha’Nali. He misses; as she brings up her axe to ward off the blow.
Aras immeadiately swings his sword back at his assilant; hitting him for 12 damage. The man falls over in a heap as Aras caught him with a diagonal slash.
Cha’Nali attempts to kill her attacker; missing as the man parries her blow.
Hunter 4 attempts to hit her; missing as she continues to hold him off.
Aras attempts to help; but is pushed back by the man.
Cha’Nali swings while the man is holding off Aras; hitting for 8 damage. As the axe plunges into the man’s chest; he dies.
With people already being thrown into a panic; the two decide it’s best to make a run for it. They head outside…
Just as Hunter 2 fires his bow at Aras. The man hits Aras for 2 damage; nicking him on the arm. (39 HP remaining).
Hunter 5 also fires his bow at Aras; missing as it hits the wall next to him. Aras realizes they’ve been ambushed; just as soon as he notices Norman waiting for them.
Aras bull rushes the three as he yells at Cha’Nali to run; hitting Hunter 2 for 14 damage; killing the man as he tries to reload.
Cha’Nali refuses to listen to him; and fires her bow at the other bowsman; who is preparing to fire at Aras again. She hits; nailing the man for 10 damage; leaving him severely wounded as he falls to the ground with an arrow in his side (1HP remaining).
Norman immeadiately takes advantage of Aras’s opening; barely missing as Aras dodges.
The bowsman fires off the arrow he was trying to fire; missing as Aras dodged out of the way from Norman’s bow. It definately rattles Aras; however.
Aras jumps back into the fray; and swings at Norman. He misses; the bounty hunter forcing Kinsir into the ground.
Cha’Nali fires another arrow seeing the man attempting to fire again; hitting for 9 damage. He falls over with the new arrow in his neck, quite dead.
Norman takes the advantage; and swings at Aras. He hits for 7 damage; catching Aras on the right shoulder. Aras yells out in pain from the blow (32 HP remaining).
Cha’Nali rushes to Aras’s aide; catching Norman unawares and hitting him with her axe for 5 damage; catching him on the side of the right leg (16 damage remaining). He yells out; angry at both of them.
Norman makes a swing towards both; missing his swing at Cha’Nali; but catching Aras again for 6 damage; lacerating his arm (26 damage.) Aras falls to the ground, being knocked prone by the attack.
Aras attempts to swing at his opponent while on the ground; but Norman easily parries it.
Cha’Nali takes the advantage to fully swing her axe into Norman’s back; hitting him for 10 damage. He yells out before he collapses; appearing to be dead.
Aras and Cha’Nali quickly make their leave; before anyone else can be called.
Party Wins!
Gain 450 XP.

After having escaped Vels; Cha’Nali decides it is time to part ways with Aras; feeling as if it is her fault she is being chased by the bounty hunter. Being unable to talk her out of it; Aras heads on his way to the mountains of the west; having Norman on his trail the entire way.

Making it to Iras; Aras purchases the horse Brie and decides to head southbound to the Great Forest; intending to cross the border to Southern Ahrea. Unfortunately for him; he loses the horse in the forest after it is spooked by wolves…but as he is lamenting the loss of the horse he is pushed to the ground by a dark haired elf; who saves him from being spotted by a band of wandering dakans. After a quick introduction, Aras comes to find her name is Fiva.
Quest XP – 300
Cha’Nali leaves the party.
Fiva joins the Party!

Session 6

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