Session 7

The next day Fiva has gone out to do some extra hunting for her new friend; so Aras decides to sharpen the girl’s sword; which she had left behind. She’s overly pleased with this (As Vyraelys was extremely blunt by this point); and so she’s glad to share her spoils with Aras. After spending some time getting to know one another; she shows him some archery skills; though he’s not the best at it by any means.
Quest XP – 300

Within the couple weeks of their first meeting; Aras teaches Fiva how to effectively use her sword; as she wasn’t as skilled as she could be. She appreciates the training deeply; and appears overly flirtatious with him. Indeed; Aras is already in love with her, despite the oddity of their meeting.
Quest XP – 300

After a month or two of time passing; Aras comes across a band of dakans as he’s returning to her home. He realizes he doesn’t want them to find her; and so decides to take them on by himself.

Encounter 31 -
Aras charges the band as they are surprised by him; and he Swings immeadiately for their commander. He hits for 12 damage; killing him. He then swings for the nearest dakan; and hits; hitting for 9 damage and wiping it out.
Aras comes under attack. He manages to parry two of the blows towards him; but he’s hurt with a dagger for 3 damage and hit by a axe for 4 damage (36 HP remaining).
One more attempts to attack him; and hits for 5 damage; catching Aras with it’s axe as well (31 HP remaining)
The others wait and watch; waiting to see their assilant killed.
Meanwhile, Fiva has heard the commotion and starts jumping through the trees towards it; and will reach Aras in 2 more rounds.
Aras continues to fight for his life; and strikes down on one dakan for 15 damage; killing it. He misses another; though, and swings into a third; killing it with 14 damage.
Aras comes under attack; again. He’s hit twice by a shortsword for 5 damage; and a mace for 8 damage (23 HP remaining). He falls to the ground; being hurt badly by the mace blow.
Fiva is rushing for her life; knowing her one and only friend is in danger.
Aras continues to fight on for his life; natural critically a dakan attempting to stab him on the ground; doing 15 damage to it and killing it. As he gets up he swings again, and takes out the guy behind him for 9 damage.
Aras manages to parry two more times; but his attackers overwhelm him. He’s hit for 4 damage by a shortsword; 6 damage by an axe; and 4 damage with a dagger. (9 HP total). He’s fallen to the ground again; feeling near death.
Suddenly; as Aras looks up at the greataxe wielding dakan that’s preparing to kill him; he sees an arrow hit it in the forehead; killing it. As he looks around he watches a shortsword dakan; an axe dakan; and a dagger dakan all fall to the ground; having taken 15(Natural Critical), 10, 8, and 13 damage respectively. He hears her call out to the dakans, yelling at them to stay away.
Morale Check: They do not listen to her warning, however; and prepare to attack. One with a bow fires at her; missing her. As the other three continue to try to attack Aras; they notice her jump down onto the forest floor; and are distracted by this.
Fiva fires again with a trio of arrows; natural criticaling again on the dakan captain; and hitting the other two for 15; 11, and 10 damage respectively.
Aras is too wounded to do anything; but watches on as she fights for him.
The last dakan, the one that tried to shoot her, tries again before running. He misses; throwing it’s bow down as it runs away.
As it runs from her, Fiva fires one last arrow; hitting it in the back from some distance away.
Party Wins!
Gain 270 XP.

Fearing for Aras’s life; Fiva quickly carries him back to her home; and begins treating him. She’s highly upset with him for doing something so careless though he had intended well; and as she lies on his chest she informs him of the fact that her family was all slaughtered by the Vanrer; so was her village…he’s the only thing she has left. Saddened by her tale; Aras resolves himself to stay around for her.
Quest XP – 300

Session 7

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